An Incidental Priest

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Nurek is from in Europe, and particularly in Poland, its very common for people to rush and for things to move very quickly on public streets There's much incidental conduct, and that shouldn't graduate that to some form of criminalized behavior," Ware told Patch. Nurek, a native of Poland, is in America on a religious work visa but could face deportation now that he has been barred from working in the Diocese of Paterson, the Daily Record reported.

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An Incidental Priest

Teen Will Avoid Trial Rev. Marcin Nurek has entered a pre-trial intervention program after being accused of groping a teen girl. It is not Nature, but the folly of man that has given consequence to the Priest; all the wealth, all the advancement, all the power the Priests enjoy, are acquired by hypocrisy, by perjury, by extortion, and by swindling: the trade is founded in fraud, in blasphemy, and impiety; matured by cupidity, by venality, and by masked villainy.

The impostor pretends to have exclusive access to exclusive favour from the Deity. It is by inflexible truth, by the invariable laws of Nature, that the impostor will be analyzed; bring him to the shrine of reason, denude him of his robes, of his mask, of his hypocrisy, he is not more than man by Nature, but worse by morality, inasmuch as he is covered by infamous offences; however intention may operate, however simplicity may be deluded, there cannot be one honest, one independent, and one intelligent man among the whole body of Priests; bigots by education, dishonest by trade, ignorant of the first principles of science, they must necessarily be superstitious, cruel, and vindictive; whatever purity, whatever humility, whatever candour, the Priest may profess, is resolvable into individual interest; he has no parent but avarice, no God but money.

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Although the Evangelists, the Priests, the sacred impostors, are similar by nature, similarly educated in chicane and hypocrisy, they do not agree in any one religious profession: the Bonzes, the Muftis, and the Priests, have different churches, different Gods, different creeds. Religious impostors uniformly coincide in plundering the people; there is no other symptom of similarity, no atom of cohesion, but rapine, among Priests: God is made something and nothing, every where and no where; he is one thing at Ispahan, another at Constantinople, and a third at Rome; what is religion at one place, is blasphemy at another.

If truth was as mutable, as liable to change, as subject to variation, as the dogmas of Priests, conflicting opinions would act to mutual destruction. God, acting always through Nature, always by universal and self-evident laws, would not permit a thousand sects of ignorant, profane, impious, blaspheming Priests, to mislead, impoverish, and barbarize the people.

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If God manifested himself through the medium of Priests, of churches, and of creeds, it would be by means as self-evident as universal, and as candid and invariable as the rotations of the solar system; it would not be by starvation at one hour, and gluttony at another; or kneeling, tenths, pilgrimages, exorcisms, sprinklings, crosses, sacraments, ablutions, circumcision, and gibberish.

Religion is a matter of imagination, of fiction, an hypothesis, and not of fact: the multifarious dogmas of sectarians, demonstrate the multiplicity of vapours and conjectures; while men reason from false principles, religions will multiply to infinity. Philosophers have only one God—the God of Nature; but roguish Priests, old women and fools have an endless number; every arch-impostor has profanely made a God of his own; Priestly genius, pregnant with extortion, and cogitating more effectually to pick pockets, with his own new trap, than with the stale tool of other men, has given rise to a multitude of diurnal Deities, if we witnessed as many variations in the laws of Nature as in the Priest-trade, the Priests might insist that some attention should be given to the business of fraud and cant.

Every Priest differs from every other Priest, and all differ from the truth; the Deity does not operate by stealth, he does not work clandestinely in holes and corners, as the miracle-mongers attest, but generally, openly, in the face of day, before all the world, in his works: he does not skulk in mosques, in churches, or in wildernesses, but is equally every where; he knows no more of the cross, the crescent, or the crosier, than he does of a tobacco-pipe, a mile-post, or a broom-stick.

I think every one of the five or six who seem to be there were interviewed by NCR. And in my little ironic way, I notice three other things that make this noteworthy, beyond the witness of the priest whose abuser was just removed from ministry. One, Cardinal Tobin came out to listen to the survivor — and also to call for laity to take on leadership roles in the church to deal with the crisis.

How many abusers have been successfully rehabilitated?

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Very hard to do. How many parishes love their priests despite their history? Many are very conflicted. And how many Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops come out to talk to those who are witnessing? Change is difficult. We assume responsibility. We know we want to challenge the system that allowed the abuse and the cover up.

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Here is a way to do it. The news keeps coming.

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The startling accusations last Saturday by Archbishop Vigano really set me back. Francis may have known about McCarrick, but I do not want the pope to resign.

The three guests are throwing out ideas a mile a minute. Here are some tidbits from these panelists, and I encourage you to listen to the show or podcast. Massimo Faggioli of Villanova says that to propose resignation is frightening, an unprecedented challenge to the papacy by sitting bishops. Bannonism has come to the Vatican, literally, his very person!