Learning About Drinking (ICAP Series on Alcohol in Society)

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Learning About Drinking offers a refreshing, evidence-based look at a process that has too often been taken for granted. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions Bestsellers in Nuclear Issues. Midnight in Chernobyl Adam Higginbotham. Add to basket. Chernobyl Serhii Plokhy. Chernobyl Prayer Svetlana Alexievich. The Radium Girls Kate Moore. Atomic Accidents James Mahaffey. Windscale L.

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Learning About Drinking Eleni Houghton. Table of contents Editors' Biographies. Foreword, M. Acquiring the Competence to Drink Responsibly, G. Schipper, M. Lammers, L. Sanchez- Sosa, F. Learning by Experiment, M. Multiple Influences on Adolescents, I. Formal Education, D. The Role of the Media, J. The Role of Government and the Law, K. Evans, Ann M. Max, G. Conclusion, E. Review quote "This book can be useful for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses on adolescent development, substance use, or alcohol education and prevention programs.

It can also be useful for researchers and policymakers.

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The strengths of the book are its focus on the factors that promote responsible drinking practices and the presentation of research findings from various countries that gives it a truly international perspective. This book provides a counterbalance to the extensive literature on the problems associated with alcohol misuse and irresponsible drinking.. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Sign up now. Follow us. Christmas Posting Dates here. It examines the elements that shape our perceptions of risk-cultural…. Edited by Stanton Peele , Marcus Grant.

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There is no simple threshold between the experience of drinking and the pleasure it can bring on the one hand and the pain and suffering caused by alcohol abuse on the other. But if we are to understand the role of alcohol in society, then at the very least we need to acknowledge the pleasure as…. Edited by Marcus Grant. Issues such as past and current….

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The goal of this book is to contribute to the ongoing scholarly discussion on the very serious topic of drunkenness. By Eleni Houghton , Anne M. This book is based on the premise that drinking behaviors are primarily learned. The contributors to the book explore the complex array of individual and social factors that impact the development of drinking patterns. They traverse family and culture influences, and the role played by schools,….

By Dwight B. The main purpose of this book is to describe the variety of drinking occasions that exist around the world, primarily in modern, industrialized countries. As such, it celebrates the diversity of normal drinking behavior and illustrates a wide range of beneficial drinking patterns.

ICAP Series on Alcohol in Society

Attention is also…. By Marcus Grant , Jorge Litvak. First published in Corporate Social Responsibility and Alcohol The Need and Potential for Partnership, 1st Edition Edited by Marcus Grant , Joyce O'Connor Increased scrutiny on the part of the general public, media, and government has warranted a reexamination of corporate responsibilities, standards of accountability, the company's role in its local and extended community, and its ethical position in our society and culture.